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50H Advanced Embodiment TT

The Embodied journey to Now 𓂃 

50h Movement & Tantra TT into the Eternal Now with Evy Ferraro + Authentic Flow Tribe

21-26 May 2024 The Shanti Space, Portugal


Join Evy Ferraro for a 50h advanced TT into authentic movement research and direct realisation. This programme weaves the teachings of Non-dual Saiva Tantra into direct experience through the body as a vehicle for awakening. Awakening happens here, not through transcendent escapism but through the pathways of the microcosm to the macrocosm of the body, through the explorations of pathways of connection, its energetic web interlinking our inner and outer worlds. How we relate and yield through these pathways into space and gravity, and ultimately into relationship with life. 


What does it mean to be embodied?  Embodiment allows the currents of life to move through us as vessels of energy. Experiencing life through the mind only, we attach to undigested past history, complicating and reacting to experience that creates a fragmented version of reality. Through deep attunement, we can learn to harness our own vessel to one which allows the raw energy of situations of the human experience to be transmuted, digested and ultimately dissolved, becoming the alchemists of our own liberated existence. 


This Immersion is for anyone who has noticed a clunky correlation between yoga asana practice and non-dual philosphy. For those wanting a more embodied realisation of truth, and for teachers wanting to explore a deeper layer of facilitation, embodied anatomy, somatics, trauma informed space holding, resting in non-dual Saiva Tantra Philosophy.


Non-dual practices include Tantrik meditation & philosophy, Mantra, Somatics, movement research,  Nervous system repatterning, embryology, experiential anatomy, fascial release & kinetic pathways, intuitive movement, Asana & more. 



*Earlybird before Dec 1st*

𓂃Dorm £1190 EB / £1290   

𓂃Twin share £1350 EB / £1450  

𓂃Private double room £1550 EB / £1650   

𓂃Private double room en suite £1650 EB /  £1750   

𓂃Belle tent twin share £1250 EB /£1350  

𓂃Belle tent master £1590 EB /£1690 

Prices incl 5 x nights accommodation, full board catering (vegan + vegetarian), 50h Yoga Alliance approved training with Evy Ferraro + assistant teacher Chelan Freeman, all props and resources provided


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