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S O M A   R O L L

20h Online Myofascial Release TT


Live 13-16th September 2024 8.30am-3pm CET

£289 (1 year access to recordings)

S O M A  R O L L

Discover the magic of your FASCIA. Often referred to as the connective tissue of the soul, this 20h online course will be a deep dive somatic exploration into the subtle energy body, the science of fascia and nervous system with its correlation to our current understanding of trauma. Truth lies within the weaving of ancient animate tradition with its understanding of relation healing with our current breakthroughs in western science. We will dive into the groundbreaking connection between the Myofascial Meridian Lines (biomechanics and kinetic energy) and the Chinese Medicine Meridians through Myofascial Release Technique, as well exploring deeper topics of relational healing, embodied anatomy, grounded within the non-dual philosophy of Saiva Tantra.

I call this call Soma Roll as it really is the practice of Soma. It's a journey of the self through the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions that intricately interweave through this connective tissue web of life. Through the embodiment and release of the Myofascial pathways, we will learn to re-balance the subtle energy body (QI) and create the healing ground for buried trauma and emotions to mobilise and digest.

This course is ideal for teachers looking to deepen aswell as practitioners looking for a transformative immersion into deeper layers of self.


𓆓 Anatomy of fascia  

𓆓 Science of pain (through the modern and ancient interpretations )

𓆓 Myofascial Meridian Lines (Anatomy Trains) and its ties with TCM

𓆓 The role of fascia in Yoga Asana, mobility + Injuries

𓆓 Myofascial Release (MFR) Technique using different tools

𓆓 How to construct classes using MFR with different 

(ie incorporating into Yin Yoga etc)

𓆓 Exploration of the role of fascia and the nervous system in relational healing and trauma

𓆓 Unlimited access to recordings

𓆓 20h towards your 300h certification with Authentic Flow Tribe (in conjunction with other AFT courses)

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