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Hi, I'm Evy. I have been a student of the human body and its intricacies for as long as I can remember. Training professionally as a dancer brought the cliche body struggles, resulting in a broken back and what felt like a broken heart. Two spinal operations at 14 years of age, resulting in my life on and off in a back brace didn’t quite fix the chronic pain, until I finally burnt my dance career to the ground 5 years later to begin search for a deeper understanding for my suffering, beyond the limited answers that western medicine was offering me.


Since, I have devoted my life to healing the patterns to which my mental and physical struggles existed within, through the path of Yoga and various healing modalities, from which a path devoted to facilitate others to do the same evolved.


After my dance training, my journey of body exploration continued into Pilates. I joined London City Physiotherapy as a remedial movement therapist, learning much along the way of the incredible complexities and biomechanics of the western approach to the physical body, alongside the dualistic limitations of the inability to see the deeper connection of pattern from the microcosm to the macrocosm of universal reality. And thus how lifestyle, mental and physical health are intricately intertwined in ways that sparked a deeper search into other somatic modalities and eastern philosophy.


This big wake up to the limitations of western medicine in my work, coincided with a personal collapse of my perceived reality of my London lifestyle, initiating me to leave busy city life behind on a journey to India for my first Yoga teacher training in 2015. Since, I have travelled the world for 10 years, completed over 2000+ hours of Yoga teacher training and have facilitated retreats, teacher trainings and anatomy courses worldwide. Now finally settling in Sri Lanka, I am finally birthing my own retreat centre and school for non-dual teachings, embodiment and ecology.


As my own inner quest for wholeness has continued on its infinite journey, with its ebbs and flows, I have learnt to trust and follow its many tributaries into different modalities including various forms of Yoga (Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Traditional Hatha, Yin, Restorative), Myofascial Release, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Release technique, Contact Improvisation, Shamanism (including plant medicinces), Somatic education incl: Thomas Hanna Somatics, Feldenkrais, `Body-Mind Centering and others.


I always felt there was somehow a disconnect between philosophical study and practice, either falling into dualist yogic philosophy which clunkily correlated with living in today’s reality as a western woman, or on the other hand not quite fitting into the ‘New Age’ spiritual trap which lacked clear container and integrity. The discovery of non-dual Śaiva Tantra allowed everything to land in its place on my path, creating the container and practice from which my own spiritual path and teaching has evolved.


The face of yoga is evolving, as humans shift into a new dimension of consciousness, a deeper feminine pull into the vast hidden symmetries of existence is arising and reshaping. The evolution will be the weaving of ancient technologies of myth and practice into current neuroscience, trauma research and relational healing within the quantum field.


I am forever grateful to my teachers Hareesh Wallis and Satu Tuomela who continue to inspire my teachings, and who I am now privileged to teach alongside.


The embodied path of Tantra brings us nowhere but here. The goal is, and has always been exactly we are. It is through the vessel of the body, through its miraculous pathways of connectivity and exploration that we can awaken to the intimacy of NOW.


"The human body is not an instrument to be used, but a realm of one's being to be experienced, explored, enriched and, thereby, educated. We cannot sense without acting and we cannot act without sensing."

-- Thomas Hanna

Authentic Flow 300h TT
Jan - Feb 2025
50h TT Sri Lanka 
Myself + Tye Fielding
1-8 December 2024


A collaborative 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training


300h Authentic Flow modules

Online + In person

With senior teachers Satu Tuomela, Evy Ferraro, Chelan Freeman and world renowned live musicia Benny Holloway! We gather in beautiful Ubud, Bali 2025.

Join Evy and Tye at the new beautiful retreat centre Flowground in Sri Lanka for a 50h Advanced TT Mythic Body

Somatics, Embodied Yoga, BBTRS, Tantrik Philosophy, Advanced physiology + Trauma informed space holding and facilitation.

Authentic Flow 200h TT ONLINE and In-Person Teacher Training 

Become a certified Authentic flow teacher!

One of a kind teacher training blending Yoga, Somatics + Non-Dual Tantra

with myself, Satu Tuomela + friends, first online and then in beautiful Monte da Orada, Portugal 2025

*Dates out soon!*

20h Myofascial Release TT

13-15th September 2024
8.30am-3pm CET

Join Evy for a 3 day deep dive into Myofascial Release. Explore how the fascia and nervous system play their role in trauma and relational healing. Can join live or will have access to recordings for 1 year.



IG: @evyferraro

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